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From: Steam Train
Subject: Exposed Story 7Exposed
By Steam Train (
`A series of unrelated short stories capturing the
humiliation and embarrassment suffered by the stories
character when their lola nude 14yo free late or early development is
exposed upon being made naked in public'.
Story Seven
My name is James and I was 15 last November and I
haven't hit puberty yet, which sucks! Especially so
because my stepbrother Scott turned 14 in January and
he looks mature for his age, more like a 15 to 16
years old whereas I don't look anything like a 15
years old!Therefore everyone always assumes that Scott is the
older one out of the two of us.Scott is in year 9; I am in year 10 at school in the
U.K. We've lived together for 4 years since my mum
married lolita loli pics sites Scott's dad. We share the young girl lolita cp
same bedroom and on
the whole we get on pretty well really.What really sucks as far as I am concerned is that
Scott's body started changing about 18 months ago when
he was 12 1/2. We share a bedroom so it has been
really hard having to free lolita portal bbs watch him mature while I have
been left behind still looking like a little boy.I'm 5'4" tall and he is 5'7" which also makes me short
for my age and him tall for his age. Scott has now
grown a lot of hair in his arm pits and groin as well
as on his legs whereas I have none just a faint
dusting of peach fuzz. Scott's voice is also deeper
than mine which adds to the perception that he is
older and more mature. His cock is also bigger than
mine. but I have never got close enough to actually
measure his! Mine is a little over 3" hard.I guess that Scott has sort of taken charge now
because people just assume he is the eldest one and he
kind of preteen nude lolitas portals naturally acts that way these days. We went
swimming last summer and he got charged the teenagers
rate at the pool entrance, but when I paid, the
cashier automatically rang up the child's rate without
even asking me my age. Scott still thinks that was so
funny.I feel pretty small around Scott's friends as well,
not that I've ever seen them naked but because most of
them look and sound older than me. It's funny, because
I don't feel so bad around my own friends as I do
being around guys 1-2 years younger than me who are
obviously more mature looking than me.Although I get teased a lot it's not as bad as it
could preteen lolly fashion model be as I am a good swimmer and on the school swim
team, and I am pretty toned even though I do look more
like a tall 11 year old. I do get some respect and
kudos from my swimming, but I still get teased
constantly about being small down there and called
names like pencil dick or baby. I try not to react to
it because it only makes things worse if they see that
they are getting me riled up.It's hard however to hide how undeveloped I am when I
am changing for swimming and the worst thing is if I
start getting a stiffy which often happens especially
when I get teased. I think I must be some sort of
secret exhibitionist as I always seem to stiffen up
when I am exposed. Luckily I usually manage to hide my
erection, that's the one good thing about being small
down below!The most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to
me was this last summer when my friend Josh's, 18 year
old brother Jeremy hypnotised me and made me strip
naked.I didn't believe he could do hypnosis so he dared me
to let him try.A fatal mistake!I discovered that rapid induction hypnosis can be
induce in just seconds, so I don't really remember
much about being hypnotised other than that I felt
really relaxed and sort of zoned out. I remember being
talked to by Jeremy and I remember answering, but I
can't remember what was said. I do remember that at
one point my feet were stuck to the floor and I
couldn't lift them, which freaked me out a bit, and
that also near the beginning of the hypnosis Jeremy
made me forget my name.I believe that not all people can be hypnotized, but
about 10% of people respond exceptionally well. I
suspect I must be one of them. They say that no one
can be hypnotized against their will but whilst it may
not be possible to make someone do anything against
his will, it is I can tell you from personal
experience possible to change what I wish to do and
not to do.This lowering in inhibitions which the experts call
disinhibition led to me performing acts that I would
normally consider unacceptable and simply would not
do!In my disinhibition state Jeremy was able to persuaded
me to 'play along' with his instructions giving the
impression to Josh that his brother had total control
over me, which he did not. However in my disinhibitedn
state Jeremy was able to persuade me that I was in the
bathroom at home and getting undressed to take a
shower. This was totally bizarre. I was sure I was in
my bathroom at home and all I wanted to do was have a
shower. I think have this memory of having been
running or some type of heavy exertion and I just
wanted to get clean.I can remember stripping off all my clothes and
thinking it was normal as I was in my bathroom, but
then when I was undressed all of a sudden I wasn't in
the bathroom any more. I realised instead that I was
in Josh's bedroom and that I didn't have any clothes
on. I was totally naked and exposed in front of Josh
and Jeremy and to make matters worse Jeremy made the
hypnosis so that I couldn't find my clothes for a few
minutes whilst at the same time my mind was fully
aware and in panic about the fact that I was naked and
exposed in their house.That freaked me out and was the most embarrassing
thing that has ever happened to me, but at the same
time it made me get hard too. Josh already knew about
my embarrassing lack of development but Jeremy didn't
know until that fateful moment of exposure, that I was
at nearly 15 years of age and still totally
prepubescent.Josh says he is going to get his brother to hypnotise
me again but I'm not going to let him. I know that you
have to want to be hypnotised or it doesn't work and I
sure don't want all my secrets to be exposed in public
again.The added embarrassment about my whole expose is that
I think both Josh and Jeremy saw me hard while I was
finally getting dressed after the hypnosis was ended.
When I came back to full consciousness my friend Josh
was so amused at my antics that he was in fact rolling
round on the floor laughing and he still teases me
about it whenever he can. My erection and subsequent
reaction to being naked raised Josh's suspicions about
my sexual preferences to the extent that from that
fateful day exposure onwards he has given me the name
The End
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